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Women's Political Leadership Circles


Women’s Political Leadership Circles are peer groups, 4-6 months in length for progressive Ohio women. Our initial Women’s Political Leadership Circle in 2018 was a huge success with 8 outstanding women seeking county, state, or federal offices. All but one were first time candidates and 3 went on to win their elections. Those in districts that were heavily stacked against them, did an amazing job of telling their message and organizing in their communities. All continue to be engaged in politics and most will run again.

In 2019, Circles are available for those who are 1) considering a run for political office; 2) beginning a political campaign; or 3) serving in elected office. Individual Circles accept 8-10 women per Circle. Circles are not focused on campaign operations; many organizations already have trainings and workshops on how to run a campaign. What Circles are focused on is supporting women as they navigate the emotional and mental hurdles of campaign life.

Upcoming Circles (see website for details):

Circle for Elected Women (starting spring/summer 2019)

Circle for Women Running for Office (starting summer 2019)