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Divine Equines

Divine Equines Horse-centered Women-focused Trauma-informed Soul Care helps women who struggle with anxiety reclaim the wisdom in their bodies and souls by mindfully connecting with horses in nature so they can feel more calm and connected in their relationships.

At Divine Equines we believe that healing happens through connected relationships and that horses help humans become more self aware and spiritually present and grounded.

We partner with rescued horses to gently guide and support you as you practice listening to your soul from a deeper well so you can experience more freedom and intimacy in your life. 

Contemplative spirituality and experiential practices of prayer and meditation (moment to moment, non-judgmental awareness), somatic (body) awareness, breathing, self-awareness and reflection while building a soul-to-soul relationship with a horse from the ground (non-riding) will help you "whoa" down, get out of your head and tune into the emotional wisdom in your body and the spiritual wisdom in your soul.

We are blessed to offer you private Spiritual Attunement sessions and retreats, small group workshops and retreats, a monthly Meditation and Prayer Circle, trauma-informed care for survivors of sexual trauma and a 4-week virtual program