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Dames Bond LLC

Columbus' only all female business directory. 
We recognize all women as important components in helping boost our economy with a strong member-base that negates social and socio-economic barriers, status on the ladder and other discriminating factors. If a woman is doing business, whether she owns the business or manages its success, she can join Dames Bond and proudly call herself a Dame.
Dames Bond champions all women, at all levels of business. We want the CEO of a major corporation to connect with the the one-woman solo-preneur. When Dames bond, Dames thrive!
About Dames Bond
: a woman with extensive experience in a particular area or industry
: a woman who strives to help other women thrive
: to develop authentic relationships and make connections
In 2007, Dames Bond was created to bridge the gap between help women and entrepreneurship by leveraging resources, helping make connections and providing affordable marketing needed to thrive and prosper in business. We are the first, all-female, business community purposefully designed to connect business women with consumers and vice versa.
  • recognized by ForbesWoman as one of the "top 10 career sites for women"
  • honored by Forbes as one of the "top 100 sites for working women"
  • acknowledged by U.S. News and World Report as "top 8 handy sites for finding networking events
We are the first all-female networking community:
  • purposefully designed to actively market the business and expertise of women in business
  • to give all consumers free access to the online Business Directory
  • to provide an all female speaker's bureau featuring women, with expertise, who can speak on a variety of topics
  • that helps foster personal and professional relationships by providing networking events that are fun, educational, motivational, and inspirational. Dames bond on common ground, online & in person. It's a place where connections cascade into referrals. (coming again in 2019!)
  • to give women an opportunity to share their expertise by publishing Expert Articles
  • that can help you define your niche, discover the tools that will help in your success, embrace your resources and gain insight from other women